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Why Choose Federal Metal Federal Metal Careers Federal Metal Careers Why Choose Federal Metal Federal Metal Careers Lead Free Solutions Federal Metal Careers Brass and Bronze Alloys Lead Free Solutions Brass and Bronze Alloys Brass and Bronze Alloys Federal Metal News and Events Brass and Bronze Alloys Federal Metal News and Events
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Our customers describe us better than we ever could. Here’s what they are saying:


We’ve worked with Federal Metal for a long time. They’re a fine company with great service. They cater to small foundries like ours very well – within 24 hours we get our deliveries. They’ve been very good to us and we’ve known David Nagusky for years. They really do bend over backward for us.

President, Ohio Foundry


We are definitely satisfied with the way that things are going. We have never had a problem when dealing or negotiating with Federal Metal. Other than giving the product away, I would not recommend any changes because things have operated smoothly throughout the years. Federal Metal is an outstanding vendor and has always been a great company to work with.

President, Ohio Foundry


We’ve worked with Mike Buyarski and Mike Fekete for many years and we value our relationship with Federal Metal. Their quality is good. Mike Buyarski is an especially positive asset to the company.

Purchasing Manager, Alabama Foundry


I am very well satisfied with their services. We deal with good people who keep their word on prices – even when the market fluctuates. Federal Metal treats us very well and we enjoy doing business with them.

CEO, United Kingdom Customer


We definitely appreciate Federal Metal’s technical service and their prices are competitive. It’s a relatively new relationship, but we have open access to Mike Buyarski when we need him for technical help, which is great.

Owner, Pennsylvania Foundry


We get a lot of help and great technical service from Mike Buyarski over the phone. He’s usually able to help us troubleshoot without making a visit. And, their prices aren’t bad at all.

Owner, Pennsylvania Foundry


We appreciate the help that is given with their services. From a technical stand point, Federal Metal is always willing to help and continue to do business in a professional way.

Owner, Texas Foundry


Federal Metal is outstanding. Their technical operations expertise is our priority. They always go the extra mile when supporting us with the alloys we purchase.

President, Wisconsin Foundry


Federal Metal provides good service and I have had zero complaints for the amount of time that we have been working with them. The staff is great and easy to work with.

Owner, New York Foundry


Federal Metal is a very good company. We have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with them and are very happy with their service and quality. Their prices are competitive in the current market. Terri knows what our needs are and our production demands. She does everything she can to make sure we have the material we need, when we need it. She understands we have packaging requirements in Mexico that US companies don’t have.

Purchasing Manager, Mexico Foundry


We have absolutely no complaints and we remain very pleased with the products we order from Federal Metal.

Purchasing Manager, Pennsylvania Foundry


Federal Metal is one of our top ingot suppliers. We enjoy the pleasure and cooperation that comes with working with their team. They are very easy to work with and continuously keep us satisfied.

Owner, North Carolina Foundry


We can positively say that we are very pleased with the services Federal Metal provides. When technical issues occur, they always respond swiftly with great results. We are more than pleased with their services.

Purchasing Manager, Indiana Foundry


If I were giving out awards, you guys would get my ‘Supplier of the Year’ award.

Materials Manager, Alabama Foundry


Federal’s customer service has been excellent. I’m glad we made the change a couple years ago from another smelter to Federal Metal. They’re very responsive to our needs and we’re very pleased with their service. If there ever is an issue, they work quickly and diligently to get it resolved.

- VP & General Manager
G&W Electric


Prompt, on-time delivery is a hallmark of Federal Metal’s Mike Fekete. When pressured for emergency delivery, it’s become habit to rely on their outstanding service.

- President, Ohio Foundry


Federal Metal’s tech team is as good as there is in the industry.

- VP Engineering, Iowa Foundry


Federal Metal’s products always meet our specs. We’ve had zero issues with their lead-free or leaded products. Their deliveries show up on time. Their tech team is very capable, relied upon and easy to get along with. We can speak openly to them and they will do so in kind.

- VP Manufacturing, Indiana Foundry


Federal Metal is a significant vendor for us, one of our primary resources. They'll provide additional services like mechanical and physical tests on alloys when we have issues or doubts. They are a pleasure to deal with.

- Federal Metal Customer


We were the first of Federal Metal’s customers to need lead-free brass.  Because of their innovation, we were able to keep our customers.  As the old ad said, “They saved my brass!”

- President, Wisconsin Foundry


Federal Metal really works hard for us. They offer the latest products that are being used in the industry.

- Purchasing Manager, Texas Foundry


When I need advice, I look to Mike Buyarski for guidance. He’s very willing to offer his knowledge on how products are used.

- VP Manufacturing, Pennsylvania Foundry


We work with Federal Metal on technical issues and they are a big help -- always knowledgeable and practical.

- Federal Metal Customer


We get the best answers and help in the industry from Mike Buyarski. He’s a very good resource.

- Purchasing Manager, Texas Foundry


Not only did they develop a solution, they educated us on how it would work.

- President, Wisconsin Foundry


Federal’s technical expertise is the most outstanding in the industry. Mike Buyarski gets an A+. They are definitely a drawing card for business!

- Purchasing Manager, Texas Foundry


Federal Metal’s technical expertise is appreciated and regarded as very high. They’ve been instrumental in diagnosing problems and helping us fix them.

 - Supply Chain Director, Michigan Foundry


I have done some conversion and scrap with them. They have regularly provided us with additional services such as mechanical and physical tests on alloys. I use them as a full resource and significant vendor.

- Federal Metal Customer


Terri Kelsey is bar-none, one of the best salespeople I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail, follow-up and overall communication are excellent.

- Supply Chain Director, Michigan Foundry


I have the utmost faith in Mike Buyarski. I can’t say enough about his capabilities and responsiveness.

- Quality Manager, Pennsylvania Foundry


From a logistics management standpoint, Mike Fekete’s professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond is absolutely unparalleled. Mike is a big reason why The Federal Metal Co. is held in such high prestige by our company.

-Purchasing Agent, Pennsylvania Foundry


Federal Metal has always been really responsive to our needs.

- Foundry Manager, Iowa Foundry


FM is good about listening to what their customers have to say. We made some suggestions along the way and they’ve put in place almost every suggestion we’ve made.

- President, Wisconsin Foundry


We have no problems at all with Federal Metal. They get right back to me promptly, when I need an answer.

- Federal Metal Customer


Our experience with Federal Metal is top notch. They continue to be a major supplier of bronze for us. We’ve made long-term plans to work with them.


The lead times are good and I’m happy with the prices at Federal Metal.

- VP Manufacturing, Illinois Foundry


Mike Buyarski is a marvelous guy. He developed a guide for us that we call “The Bible.”

- President, Wisconsin Foundry


We don’t get questionable material from Federal Metal.  The quality is always fine and there aren’t any weight discrepancies with deliveries.

- Purchasing Manager, Ohio Foundry


I’m very happy with the quality of their product.

- Quality Manager, Pennsylvania Foundry


We’ve never had any complaints about the quality of their metal.


The metal quality is really good and I’m very happy with the short lead times.

- VP Manufacturing, Illinois Foundry


We buy bronze ingot and get deliveries right on time.

- Purchasing Manager, Texas Foundry


We’re very pleased with the help Federal Metal has been able to give us. They are superior to their competitors on their technical expertise.

- Owner, Pennsylvania Foundry


Lead times on manganese bronze are very favorable.

- Supply Chain Director, Michigan Foundry

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Copper Development Association Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society American Society for Testing & Materials Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. American Copper Council American Foundry Society

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